Frequently Asked Questions

We are paid by the resorts, we do not charge a service fee.  
Many resorts have price parity, the cost is same whether you book through us, direct with the resort, or with an online booking engine.  
The difference between using a travel agent is that we help you plan an stress-free vacation without the hassle of going it alone.  our thousands of travelers provides an invaluable resource to the traveler planning an important trip.

With us, you get exceptional personal assistance before, during, and after your vacation. 

Budget is important and we strive to get your dream vacation within the budget you’ve set for it. There’s no pressure to go above and beyond what you’re comfortable with. You can’t enjoy your vacation when you’re stressed out about paying for it. 

We provide honest advice about all resorts and destinations to help you choose the perfect resort for you. 

You also benefit from our extensive personal connections which carry a certain gravitas when needing anything addressed. We have an easier time getting you perks (like getting your room upgraded)—it’s easier for us to get a “yes” because we work with them often.

Quite the contrary! When things go wrong, having a travel professional means having an advocate in your corner to help get things sorted out as quickly as possible.

We are often aware of potential “hiccups” in a travel itinerary before you are. It’s not uncommon for a travel professional to have already worked out a solution before you know that a problem exists.
When flights get delayed or canceled most travelers will be standing in line frustrated and stressed waiting to get their flights rebooked. Savvy travelers who booked with a travel professional will be relaxing at dinner while their agent works behind the scenes to rebook their flights and rearrange all of their planned activities to accommodate the schedule change. Which sounds more enjoyable?
Since we work with large numbers of travelers, our travel partners often give us access to priority service and make sure our clients are taken care of quickly.

Notify your travel advisors through chat, email, phone call, or text and suggestively schedule a time where you can discuss the changes and adjustments you would want to make. There may be some delay in the response time from the advisor or the supplier given the current climate. We will try our best to address the urgency of the request and get you the best solution for your situation.

If, in any case, your trip has been canceled, the airline or cruise line will notify you and your agent. They will also provide options on what you can do with your existing bookings. We can walk you through which options will work to your advantage. Typically, you may use it towards a future flight or cruise (with added perks and values), rebook to a later date, or get a full or partial refund.